Dear PTA members and Starkey Elementary Volunteers,

Please don’t forget to log ALL your volunteer hours in Portal including meetings, activities, classroom assistance, media center, projects, field trips, etc. It is not cliché to say, every minute of your time matters; your time is incredibly valued by our school. While you may think a half hour here, a half hour there-unrecorded of volunteer time is not big deal, I have to tell you it is a really HUGE deal. One way of measuring student success is through our recorded volunteer hours. This is reflected annually in our 5 Star School Award. Also, we want to recognize those volunteers based on their hours at our end of year appreciation event.

If you’re a registered volunteer, you may access your Portal account through any computer with an internet connection by going to clicking the "PORTAL" link on the left side of the screen and then logging in. To log in, your user id is: v.last name first initial (all lowercase), and password: Last name and birth year (first letter is Capitalized). If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 727-547-7841 ext. 2070 or

In addition to our PTA programs, some of our current volunteer needs at Starkey include; Media Center, Clinic, Math Tutors, Reading Tutors and Mentors (free training class is required). Please contact me if you are available to help us in these areas.

Thanks so very much for all that you do, wishing you a happy healthy and safe holiday season!

Jennifer Lai
Family & Community Liaison/Volunteer Coordinator
Starkey Elementary School
727-547-7841 ext. 2070